An open specification transforming the way digital educational content is created, distributed, and experienced.

An open specification transforming the way digital educational content is created, distributed, and experienced.

Imagine a world…

… where access to high quality learning resources is equitable, affordable, and widely available.

… where digital content creators have access to  resources and incentives to build quality interactive learning experiences, and marketplaces where they can get paid fairly for their efforts.

… where the quality and appropriateness of digital educational content can be vetted before it enters a marketplace.

This is C2E

Curriki Educational Experiences

C2E is an open source project that publishes the
C2E Document Specification, its APIs and its MIT-licensed reference implementations that support the . . .

Creation and distribution of secure, portable, licenseable, and quality assured digital educational content

Maintained by the non-profit, C2E aims
to create an open specification, publish an open API, and  drive a vibrant ecosystem that delivers on the promise of high quality digital educational experiences for all.

How does it work?

C2E is a decentralized document format. When digital content is created to the C2E specification, it handles all of the security, licensing, rendering and data exchange processes needed to make every piece of digital content portable and protected.

The implementation of the C2E digital content specification also allows the handling of licensing, royalty, and distribution of compensation workflows to it authoring partners.  On execution, C2E-compliant documentsprovide the learner an oppotunity to record his/her learning experiences to a central learning record store of their choice.

By default, C2E uses simple JavaScript on the client side, and HTTPS+JSON APIs as its baseline transport on the server side, but also embraces more sophisticated transports such as WebSockets where necessary.

A Day in the Life of a C2E

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Support for Interactive Digital Content of All Kinds
Web, Mobile, Gaming, AR, VR, IoT, and whatever the future may bring.

The C2E Specification is designed to handle any type of digital content, not only the traditional passive formats like images, non-interactive video, HTML pages, wordprocessing/office formats and PDF.

By building bridges to as many digital content formats and silos as possible, digital content can be published securely on a variety of learning and content platforms, as well as provided as standalone, self contained documents. Solutions built on the C2E Specifications and API are unified, rather than locked to specific vendors, and can even publish content that can be consumed without internet connectivity or at ultra-low bandwidth

The C2E Specification also aims to unify emerging digital platforms to prevent the recreation of the silos we’ve seen with interactive digital media and content. C2E encourages working together towards an open digital content ecosystem,

C2E aims to be the unifying layer for the creation, distribution, and delivery of digital educational content across existing and emerging technologies.

When You are Ready to Contribute or Build on top of
the C2E Open Standard

Specification written to JSON-LD 

Compliant with the  OpenStand principles

Data markup specifications aligned to 

API-first, plugin based architecture

API Documentation published and documented with samples and reference implemenations

Simple RESTful HTTP/JSON APIs compliant with OpenAPI/Swagger

The C2E Digital Content APIs

Content Creation API

The C2E Content API gives you simple HTTP/RESTful APIs and SDKs (iOS, Android, Web) to create portable and secure services and applications that generate C2E-compliant digital documents. 

The API supports endpoints that allow the application of speficic licensing rules to C2Es that are created with any non-royalty free business model.  Contributed licensing plugins can be developed to support  use cases that are not supported by the core models supplied with the Content API.

Content Distribution API

The C2E Content Distribution API ‘s modular architecture supports the development of plugins that allow C2Es to be listed on commercial marketplaces, like Amazon, or through the main e-commerce engines.  

In addition to providing a simple HTTP/RESTful API and SDK framework for listing digital content on commercial marketplaces, the core Digital Content Distribution API also supports extensible capabilities for publishing to Learning Systems that are compatible with the Learning Tools Interoperability specification.Content 

Content Delivery API

The C2E Marketplace API’s architecure provides HTTP/RESTful API hooks for managing financial transactions related to the licensing and distribution of royalties to content authors and media publishers. The core services provide the basic orchestration that can support multiple licensing and royalty models.

Content Marketplace API

The Digital Content Delivery API provides the framework for handling the rendering of C2Es, as well as the capture and processing of learner data into one of various portfolio / learner record stores, any of which can be implemented using the C2E Content Delivery plugin base.

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Latest News

C2E is Open Source

The C2E specification is managed through an open governance process, looked after by – a non-profit United States 501.c.3 corporation.

Curriki acts as a neutral guardian of the C2E specifications, its core API, and the processes for certifying applications and plugins for conformity with the specifications, nurturing and growing C2E for the benefit of the whole ecosystem.

The keepers of the specification are the legal directors of Curriki, responsible for ensuring that it keeps on mission and neutrally protects the development of C2E.

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