An Open Standard for Educational Experiences

The Curriki Educational Experiences specification (C2E) is a set of open standards developed by the Curriki member community that enables access to high quality, engaging, and interactive content. The C2E specification provides a standard format to represent interactive digital learning experiences so that a rich body of educational content can be created, distributed and consumed across a wide variety of devices and learning and content systems.

C2E basically solves 3 problems that plague the demand for high-quality, meaningful digital content in education.


Almost all digital media that can support the creation of high-quality educational content is locked-up behind restrictive licensing agreements and proprietary technologies.  C2E aims to open this vast repository, drastically reduce the cost of licensing individual media resources, and place them in the hands of creative educators and content creators.

  • Content stored in a C2E can be streamed to any device on leading browsers and mobile devices through conformance-certified viewers and plug-ins.
  • A C2E can be loaded into any Learning Management System that is compliant with the 1Edtech Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) or for which a conformance certified integration has been released by the community.


One of the greatest barriers to making high-quality digital media accessible to education, has been the lack of a technology that protects the intellectual property of the media publishers. C2E solves this problem by providing a trusted process that packages and protects these digital vignettes once they have been released for distribution outside the traditional “walled gardens” where this content currently resides.

  • Content stored in a C2E  is encrypted to prevent unauthorized use.
  • C2E supports configurable and emerging royalty models.
  • C2E supports and enforces licenses and copyrights.


One of the largest deterrents to making high-quality, immersive and interactive digital content for education availabe at sacle is the lack of financial incentives for educators, subject matter experts, and instructional designers. C2E flips this economic model, providing opportunities for this deserving community to reduce the cost of education globally, increase the volume and quality of educational experiences, and be justly rewarded for their contributions.

  • C2E provides an opportunity for media owners to get paid “by the sip”.
  • C2E provides an opportunity for authors and content creators to get paid for their efforts.
  • Authors/creators can use premium content and resell it under the terms of individual micro licenses.
  • Usage is tracked and reported for both original media and derivative work, providing transactional transparency.