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Quick Start

One of the largest deterrents to making high-quality, immersive and interactive digital content for education availabe at scale are (a) the lack of accessible high-quality media, and (b) financial incentives for educators, subject matter experts, and instructional designers.

C2E flips this economic model, providing opportunities for this deserving community to reduce the cost of education globally, increase the volume and quality of educational experiences, and be justly rewarded for their contributions.

The C2E Specifications

The Curriki Educational Experiences specification (C2E) is a set of open standards developed by the Curriki member community that enables access to high quality, engaging, and interactive content.

The C2E specification provides a standard format to represent interactive digital learning experiences so that a rich body of educational content can be created, distributed and consumed across a wide variety of devices and learning and content systems.

Developer Resources

The C2E project is open source and available on GitHub. This section wll provide the developers guide.

Public GitHub Repositories
Curriki publishes open-source software and other technical material in a GitHub repository.

Developer Guides
The API Client Developers' Guide provides information for building client applications that interact with an CX2E specifications.

Developer Exchange
Curriki shares code, documentation, and resources in the Developers Exchange. Resources include utilities, deployment packages, documentation, and more.

Tools & Technologies

This section provides a certification suite as well as reference implementations of the specification.

Roadmap & Releases

This section provides the target milestones for each portion of the specification.

Community & Governance

This section provides information an the decisions made with the specification as well as a forum for exchanging ideas and getting help.